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Fall Home Decor…

Some people count down the days until summer. Others, wait wistfully for the coming of spring and the beauty of its fresh blooms, but there are those, like my daughter and I who impatiently wait for the transition of fall. With its colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and warm nights by the fire, there is nothing quite as special as sharing our love of fall. Embracing it the one way we know best, we can not help but invite the cozy neutral colors and adorable décor into our home!

Even more than we love decorating for Christmas, we love dreaming up the best fall décor ideas and creating cozy corners all through our home. Even better yet, is that it’s ridiculously easy to do. With a few pumpkins, faux greenery, cute pillows and a throw here and there, a multitude of combinations can be made to reflect the best parts of fall, so after a little love and care we hope we can help make your home the perfect space by sharing some of our favorite autumn looks.

Our fireplace is the focal point of the living room. It gets all the attention right when you walk in, so we do our best to ensure that it is always looking fabulous. We love the challenge of mixing the old with the new, so this year we paired our faithful round natural wood mirror with a matte green pumpkin and 3 glass bases adorned with candles. With the pair of pumpkins and bases on either side of the mirror, we then tied it all together with a eucalyptus garland that is to die for! But unable to resist the magical powers of Trader Joe’s small nursery, we added a decorative basket full of harvest white pumpkins to finish off the look and create a symmetric look for our mantel.

What do you think about using neutral colors for fall? Rather than the traditional warm earthy colors, we went with cool grays, creamy whites and green tones. 

This ends our fall home tour. I really hope you enjoyed our home and got a few ideas for decorating your own home for fall. Thank you for stopping by, and happy fall!!