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Hello 2019!

Right now I can’t quite tell whether I opened a new chapter in 2018, or if I started a new book altogether. One thing I can say for sure: 2018 was an amazing year! It was exhausting. It was crazy. It was full of surprises. And big decisions. I reached my limits—physically and emotionally, and they expanded in the process. It was tough, but it was worth it.
If someone would have told me a year ago that I’d be where I am today, only one year later, I would not have believed it. This year took so many surprising turns and presented so many opportunities that I’m genuinely wondering whether all of this has really happened. Am I about to wake up any moment now? Someone pinch me, please!
But let’s start at the beginning.
Exactly one year ago I felt like I was reaching my breaking point. I was doing it all: running my own lifestyle store (Amoretto Boutique), taking on home design projects for clients, helping my hubby with his business and being the best mommy and wife I could be with the time I had left. It was a rollercoaster with high highs and low lows. It was emotionally draining and physically exhausting to say the least!
My resolutions last year were pretty unrealistic. I wanted to do more in 2018 than what I was already doing, but I also knew I wanted to spend more time at home with my family (see: unrealistic).
One thing I knew for sure, I wanted to continue working in the fashion and design industry, but I felt a desire for change. And change I got. In fall of 2018 I sold my business and started a new venture online I’m calling Amoretto Lifestyle. Amoretto Lifestyle is a place where you can find distinctive goods for your closet and your home, a place where I record and share special moments and events in my life and hopefully serve as an inspiration of style and design. 

2019 won’t stop me.
I’ve got home interior design projects on the books and I’m in talks about starting my own product line, which I’m really excited about. For now I want to:
1.       Take one day at a time and enjoy the little moments
2.       Be present and enjoy my family
3.       Be more grateful, because God has been so good to me.

All said and done, this was one of the most exciting years of my life. It was one of the most instructive years, too. I climbed to dizzying heights and plunged to dark lows, and once again found myself a bit more, on this big trip called life. I grew with the challenges and decisions that I took. Some of them were incredibly difficult, but they were all worth taking in the end.

In two words, 2018 was: amazingly crazy. 

I’m looking forward to 2019. I welcome it, and I would love for you to join me. 
You’re warmly invited.
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