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As the day approached for our beautiful little girl to hit the big 10, we were inspired to capture the joy that she alone has brought to our little family. 

Isabella has taught us so much along the years. She has taught us how to be better parents, the importance of enjoying the little things in life and most importantly how to celebrate life. 

She has been an absolute blessing in our lives and despite my husband and I not liking to take pictures, we put all else aside to have our first ever family photoshoot. 

Now it sure wasn’t easy, but every time we look back at these photos we are reminded of why we did it all. So when the good and tough times roll around we are reminded to continue enjoying each other and the small moments that make us laugh and cry. 

A growth that we as a family do our best to apply in everything we do, so in honor of starting this new chapter, I post this blog in hopes to never forget just that. 

To be happy now. To enjoy every minute together, and to seize the moment.